About Us

“Luxury , Sophisticated , Delicate , Enchanted. An aura of Grandeur with sophistication and luxury “.

Our History

Setting Industry Standards

Fardan is been in industry creating quality  fabric used in clothing that meets  standards for strength, colorfastness, and shrinkage. With our experts in fashion industry we are providers of fashion pret for a decade now. We have highly experienced professionals seasoned and trained in industry providing latest trends and chic fusion of fashion at Fardan.



Satisfied customers and growing

Est. 2017

Our Story

 In a world where creativity and dreams intertwined, a visionary fashion brand named Fardan set out on a quest to create a clothing brand that would transcend conventional boundaries. Our passion for art, nature, and the ethereal beauty of the world ignited a spark within Fardan, inspiring  to breathe life into their vision.

Fardan’s journey began here.Fardan believed that every person is a living canvas, each unique and deserving of their own exquisite garment that would tell their story.

Surrounded by thousands of brands, Fardan longed to infuse the world with something extraordinary—a brand that would enchant souls and celebrate individuality.

In their pursuit, Fardan sought inspiration from the natural wonders around it—the gentle rustling of leaves in the wind, the delicate hues of a sunrise, and the captivating dance of light on water.

And so, “Fardan” was born—a clothing brand with a purpose beyond fashion. Fardan’s designs, like enchanting tapestries, weaved together the essence of nature’s magic and the kaleidoscope of human emotions. Each piece bore a touch of artistry, a reflection of the dreams and aspirations of those who would wear them.

The core philosophy of Fardan was to embrace sustainable practices and ethical craftsmanship. Fardan envisioned a world where fashion didn’t leave a harmful footprint but rather nourished the planet and the people who crafted it.


Story of Threads

Fardan meets  quality standards for stitching, finishing, and durability. Our every piece is carefully curated under experienced supervision for fabric to be at it’s best and last for years maintaining it’s quality shine throughout.